Jul 2, 2011

Groovy Things

Thanks again to the masterful skills and generous heart of Daniel Jarvis, The Fossettes have MORE to show off!! We had a very fruitful second shoot with him. All of this is in aim to build that ever important press packet, but damn! I can't resist exposing them to you all! So please, have a taste....

If you've followed any sort of news on the events in the middle east the past couple of years, you probably know about the three hikers from the Bay Area who were taken hostage and imprisoned in Iran. It has been almost two years exactly since their arrest, and barely anything has been accomplished by the US Government on their behalf. Happening next weekend, Saturday July 9th, TWINSPACE is hosting a benefit in their honor!! We, The Fossettes, will be performing, along with other live musicians, DJs, artists selling their beauties, and more!  It's an event worth attending for them, their families, the sake of humanity and hope. Come help free the hikers!! Join us in our quest!!

For more information regarding the hikers, visit freethehikers.org.

Thanks for the indulgence! Check back soon for news on our Burning Man preparations!!! Cheers!

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