Jun 11, 2011

The Fire After The Storm

Hello, beautiful fans. We're back from our adventures down south! El Circo so generously invited us to take part in their grand production at this year's Lightning In A Bottle festival in Santa Ana, CA the weekend of May 27th. MAN was that fun!! We had the pleasure of adding our hip shaking, groove making talent to their tribute to the decades. (We were the swingin 60's of course!) We had the challenge of picking tunes from that generation to fit the bill Bob Fosse style. We of course went with a tasty mix of "Love Me Two Times" by The Doors, and closed with "Medley: Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" by The Fifth Dimension. Quite the dynamic duo there! We got a kick out of it, and so did the crowd of thousands of festival folk!! Here's a sweet little snapshot of us in action...

And guess who's responsible for the AMAZING costumes....Miss Glosse Heart herself!! Thank Goddess that she's back. We're a unit again! 

So what's next on our bill? Burning Man Precompression, silly!! Our performance time is still TBD, but with the smaller venue size, and the plethora of sites, I'm sure you won't want to miss a single bit of the night. So come see us shake it!!

We're also in the works for collaborating with the ever solid Tiger Honey Pot!! We had a stellar show with them for the Twinspace 2nd Anniversary Showcase, and we just couldn't get enough!! So keep your eyes pealed for those tidbits!! There's so much more we have in store for the rest of 2011...but one step at a time. We'll cross those bridges when we get to them.

Cheers, everyone!
-Bosse Cakes

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