Apr 15, 2011

Up to some good.

Hey, folks. Wanna know why we've been lacking in updates? Well, it's hard to keep it up when you're so busy planning & plotting for the amazing endeavors ahead!

We're in the works for our 2011 Burning Man Production, collaborating with the brilliant Dan Cantrell!! Also, we're getting our groove on for another new work which will premiere at the TWINSPACE 2nd Anniversary Celebration...

...and it's the right time because... drumrooooll ....Glosse is soon to return to us!!! Her time in the mountains has come to and end, and she will be rejoining us and whipping up NEW COSTUMES!!!

Man, oh man is this year gonna be a good one for us. Here's a couple new photos from our latest shoot...consider it a consolation...because we love you! Cheers!

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