Feb 12, 2011

WHAT!? It's February??

Wowza Yowza! Time sure has flown by. It's been three months since our last post. And so much has happened...

Glosse has been swept away to the mountains in Washington State. Sausse has been a Yard Dog. Phosse has fallen in love? And Bosse, well, I've been working. Fortunately, we managed to reconvene and create new material! Sans Glosse. For this year's Edwardian Ball, we birthed out a whole new six minute routine in just four days!! Wanna see it? Duh.

We have high hopes for Spring. We've acquired a manager, believe it or not! Sir Andrew Pulkrabek, a fantastic performer himself, will be helping to pave the way to new opportunities for us. Boy, oh, boy is this makin' me excited! Keep your eyes pealed, people. We're gettin HOT up in here!

PS: If you haven't noticed, we now have a Facebook profile! "Like" us, won't you?

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  1. I think the Fossettes are the coolest dancers in the universe! So sayeth Papa wu, mayor of bucktown!