Aug 17, 2010

To those who be playa bound...

Fear not my fellow dustbowl dancin friends. If you thought you couldn't get yourself a healthy overdose of jazz hands, hip swirls & curvatures out on the were mistaken.

The Fossettes are to perform in a Friday night show at Quixote's Cabaret Club and Bar at 7.30 and Detroit!!! (Write that down, on a little pad and carry it with you out there. You can't forget us. You won't forget us.) We shall be on around 10pm. We will be cramming in a new ditty for all you funny friends & panting patrons as we're so excited....oh do we have a surprise planned. It, regardless of weather, will be HOT! 

Other recently developing news, The Fossettes have been invited to be regular talent at the sexy Supperclub in SOMA!!! You know, the spot with the beds & amazing drinks & full dinner performances? Yes. We will be there. Keep checkin back to find out when! 

Here are some snapshots for you to enjoy. Til next time...maybe a preview of what's to come. Cheers!

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