May 18, 2010

Fossettes Blog Kick-Off

Hello, lovelies. Bosse Cakes, here. It's about time we had this website thing going for while I'm traveling to the Big Apple, New York, where I was first exposed to the world of Jazz & Broadway lights over ten years ago, I thought I'd do a I do mean business, you know...

So for those who have missed previous shows of ours, here are some links to enjoy and maybe drool over? Crave more of? Please...enjoy.

@Amnesia 4/20/2010

@SF's Edwardian Ball 2010

@Twinspace Continuum's Grand Opening May 1st 2009

Keep your eyes pealed and your joints lubricated...we'll be around.

Bosse Cakes

1 comment:

  1. There should be a Broadway in San Francisco, and The Fossettes should open it!