Oct 31, 2010

Glosse Goes Wilderness on Our Asses :: A Farewell for Now

For those of you that don't know, our beloved Glosse Heart (aka Melissa) will be leaving us for the mountains in central Washington state for....six months. What made her want to do this, we still have a hard time figuring out...but nonetheless, we bid her a very very fond farewell & wish her all the best the wilderness can offer....which doesn't include lights, glitz, glamour, or Supperclub Martinis.


What will we do without her??
(To be continued...)

Oct 9, 2010

Decompresson tomorrow!!

Hey crazies! It's time again for Decompression in SF! The Fossettes will be there performing around 4:40pm. Come find us!!!!

We can't wait to see you! Cheers!

Oct 4, 2010

Chronological show & tell...

Hi, again! Bosse here with an update.

Burning Man is heaven on ...earth? the moon? Where were we?

We, the fabulous foursome, made our Burning Man debut this year, and WOW, what a success! We couldn't have felt more loved & desired by all the friends and newly adopted fans. We, along with the talented Mr. Jonathan Signer, performed our classic number "Money" twice while there...and in new costumes!!  Too bad that you will have to wait til the next post to see the clips from it.


I DO have our performance from Precompression to share. Just because it's so damn appropriate for us, we did "Money" there as well. Here's the clip...

Guess what's going on with us lately! Here are some hints...sexy white bedding, amazing house cocktails, colorful lights, beautiful people, dinner laying down....SUPPERCLUB! The Fossettes have been lured in by the wonderful people of Supperclub to perform as regular monthly talent! Keep your ears & eyes open for postings like this:

Obviously that was from just recently, but fret not! We will be there again soon for you.

MORE for the Fossettes, okay...hey, it has been a while since the last posting, which I can only blame my busy, bosse self. Surprise! Coming up this weekend, Sunday Oct. 10th, is DEcompression 2010 in SF. 

Same ol' usual street in the Potrero District. We will be performing at 4:30/4:40 (come on, who knows what time it'll end up being, really) at some stage somewhere.... but anyway! We'll be there! Dancing! For you! In gold? Hmm.....

Here's one thing I can leave you with...a teaser photo taken by the ever so sexy Brian Herman of us on the playa....

Love us, cause we love you!!! Til next time.